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The Top Painter in Deep River

LaPlace and Eagan have been Conneticut's premier choice in painting and power washing services for over 100 years. Founded in 1910, the organization is family owned and operated, spanning three generations of craftsmanship and loyalty. We have built a reputation of phenomenal work, and have been recognized by the state in commission of large scale public projects. We are tremendously proud of the legacy we have built and are eager for the opportunity to share it with you. Let us paint your home today!

A Bit of History

Gilbert P. Eagan and his associate started this business in 1910 time, when paint only cost $0.25 per gallon. Times have changed. That price doesn't hold true today nearly anywhere, but fortunately the work ethic and dedication of LoPlace and Eagan LLC has. Gilbert passed the business down to his son Bill, who then passed it to his nephew, Corky Radicchi. Just like his seniors, Corky is dedicated to each and every job and will be present for the work, knowing that the future depends on our level of customer service.

Big Projects

Some of our proudest work has been for the state and for the church. We are honored to have been tapped to participate in many landmark projects like the Connecticut River Museum, Saint Joseph's Church, the Deep River and Chester Historical Society buildings and Archambault Insurance Agency. The beauty and importance of these buildings speaks to our skill and dedication to our craft.

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We Give Back

We do work hard, but we have also been lucky to see the success that we have over the past century. To show our gratitude to the community we support local food banks, religious establishments, and we are the proud sponsor of local school athletic teams. Work with us knowing that a portion of our profits goes right back into the community that you know and love.
Team of top painters at work in Deep River, CT
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