Other Services

Home Repairs

Regardless of whether it's the kitchen, bedroom, living room, or even the garage of your home, we provide a wide variety of remodeling services to help you get your space looking and functioning exactly the way you want it to. Our team of skilled carpenters aren't just journeyman, but are masters of their craft with generations of experience and knowledge to back them up. Big or small, they tackle any job with precision and accuracy, making sure to measure twice (at least) and cut once. Additionally we make every effort to recycle and reuse materials when possible to keep sustainability and the environment a top priority.

Carpentry Services

Our carpentry services extend to nearly any room in your home or office, from the kitchen repairs and remodeling, to trim work, wood & asphalt roof shingles cleaning, to crown molding installation, to gutter cleaning, and gutter guard installation.

We can tackle any creative problem with an even more creative solution, crafting a piece of woodwork to fit perfectly right where it needs to go. We'll leave you with a newly inspiring home that you'll enjoy coming home to after a long day of work.

Other Services

Our other services include window washing, deck refinishing, sheetrock and plaster repair, chimney repair, silicone and water proofing, broken glass repairs, and roof cleaning.

This myriad of outdoor services is essential in maintaining a beautiful home or commercial establishment, especially as time wears on and once fresh materials begin to lose their luster. Let us help you keep your property looking as attractive as possible.

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Special Offers

We additionally provide a set of special offers for our other, outdoor services. These offers allow our customers to get more value for their time spent working with us.

Our Referral Offer gives customers $100 OFF when you refer 3 or more houses for cleaning services in the same neighborhood.

Our Value Customer offer saves $50 on gutter cleaning.

Our New Installation offer gives customers $100 OFF on gutter guard installation. (Offer available for the first 50 customers.)

We also offer $100 off a roof cleaning.
Team member of LaPlace and Eagan LLC repairing home in Deep River
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